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Who is the Paying Side in Trading?

If you want to consistently stay on the winning side, you'd better know who are the people that will pay you and what is their problem, why would they act so unreasonably.

They make decisions. If you play the people vs people game (which is what trading essentially is) you have to be well trained to stay on the winning side. What that training means is that you have to make thousands of decisions and take a lot of beating during this process. That training at some point may turn you into a pro (not necessarily, though).

But there is a lot of people (if not most of them) who make decisions not being a pro. They use all kinds of mental tricks to persuade themselves that in this particular case you don't have to be a pro to make this particular decision about this particular trade. It can be done relying on what I call "external insight". It may be an opinion of some guy on TV or Youtube or trading community guru. Or it may be a product of some scientifically-looking algo-shmalgo thing that you don't really know how it works. Whatever makes you think your ass is covered.

Yes, this is the mass of people who create patterns, because the difference between "nonpro" and "pro" ways of action has some structure. This structure is created by behavioral patterns of people acting "naturally".

This structure is what you want to exploit.

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